Intruder Detector


GuardMatix, best-in-class professional intruder detection, accurately detects unauthorized movement attempts and notifies you with a phone call. It turns on the super-sensitive microwave radar for unauthorized movement in your set timetables. It rings up to three numbers as it detects any movement. The system has a unique ability to successfully distinguish between actual attacks and harmless environmental perturbations, avoiding false alarms. With a detection range of 40 feet, be assured that GuardMatix will have you covered.

Cattle Firm Management


Monitoring and maintaining consistent living conditions for livestock is essential to maintaining their comfort, health and production. The importance of suitable temperature is particularly true for dairy farms where temperature changes directly impact milk production. Smart non-invasive neck collars monitor the temperature, activity & behaviour of each individual cow. Our actionable recommendations help significantly improve income on cattle farms.
real-time animal health reports.

Face Detection & Recognition


FaceMatix, our face detection and recognition solution, is the ideal fit for your attendance, access control and other security applications. The service incorporates state-of-the-art technologies relevant to working with facial images, particularly deep learning, computer vision, and pattern recognition technologies.

Lightning Detector and Alarm


Sabdhan, Lightning Detector and Alarm makes lightning detection warning available to the common masses, which can lead to saving lives. Sabdhan can detect lightning up to 40km away with an accuracy of 1km to the storm front with a sensitive antenna tuned to pick up lightning events and trigger alarms to alert people.

Self healthcare and Telemedicine


Daktar, our line of medical products bundled with technology, intuitively makes health checkups accessible to your fingertips. Our products like Blood pressure monitors, glucometers, and oximeters measure your key vitals and make them accessible from any part of the world.

You can choose from a simple app or standalone hardware that uploads your data to the cloud. If by any means your results are abnormal instant notifications are sent to your close ones and caregivers.
The applications allow for fitness and physical activity tracking, chronic disease control even saturation during COvid-19, which can be fatal.

Liquid parameter management


DropMatix, our liquid sensing device, manages and monitors entire water and liquid infrastructures in real-time. Our sensors accurately measure the depth of any waterbed-like rivers, ponds, canals, water reservoirs, tanks and share the information on the cloud in real-time. The system is powered independently via Solar, which makes it ideal for working in any remote condition.

IoT Product Development

Full stack of services for design, development, implementation and launch of connected IoT products.

Web Application Development

Designing and developing web applications designed to meet specific business requirements

App Development

delivers custom mobile application development solutions that are secure, scaleable and sustainable in whatever environment it’s hosted.